Hands up if you can't remember the last time you let yourself play?

Hands up if you can’t remember the last time you let yourself play?

Like really let loose, laughed, danced, acted silly. Without judgment or worry about others, when was the last time you just played?

If you’re like me it feels like way to long! Studies have recently shown that play is just as poignant to our brain function as rest is!! And I know so many do not get enough rest either! (Another days post). This photo is a true capture, pure joy on a day I needed it deeply… I had to even pause at one point from laughing so hard! My inner child felt glee and release and safety. Things that often come few and far between when life gets hard.

We need to make time to play.

Whether dancing, singing, running around with kids, writing, drawing, jumping, swinging, laughing, or any of the other ways your mind feels it’s freest and most creative. Do more of that.
At minimum schedule it in a few times a week, make a point to play!

We need to make time for ourselves to matter.

What comes up for you when you try?

What would it feel like to just let loose? To matter? To play? To let yourself push pause on everything else for a few minutes and truly let yourself be?

Breathing deeply with joy and gratitude… give it a try! See what is possible!

Photo: @daniellemcveyphotography