I hope you bloom.

We need to grow.
Change. Evolve. Expand. Take root and also lift our sites high.
Complacency is the opposite of joy, stuck sucks, dull is deadly.
Find your edge. You’ll know it when it feels a little bit like fear. If you’re not tingling with a bit of second guessing then you’re not there yet.
The awesome twin to fear is excitement. Believe in it.
Let your edge shake you a bit, encourage you a lot and push you past where you thought was possible.
Start with the tiniest step toward what makes you come alive. And then another.
It doesn’t mean you need to climb Mount Everest tomorrow, maybe just a bath first.
Maybe sitting quietly and leaning into your heart is the start.
Then listening. Breathing life back into you. Remember the day the seed is planted is not the day it blooms.
This is your season to come undone, to let go of your tight shell and all of the things that are holding you back.
This is your season.